DropLab by 64th Pixel

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Programming and graphics by Gareth Taft
Sounds from Sound Rangers
Additional sounds from Freesound.org:
 "pushbutn.wav" & "pushbut2.wav" by Sergenious
 "Synthetic water.wav" by KVde
 "CO2 Gas Bubbles #1.wav" by lonemonk
 "BubblesLoop_Some.wav" by zimbot
 "Lava loop.wav" by Audionautics
 "Bubbles 1.aiff" & "Bubbles 2.aiff" by gnrja
Zekton font by Typodermic Fonts
Developed using FlashDevelop and Starling

BIG THANKS TO: Jane, Dunc, Adele, Mike, Haley, Sally, Wendy & Mantas